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Natural Newborns

I am regularly asked to photograph newborns, but a lot of people don’t realise is the amount of time, money and effort that goes in to a posed newborn photo shoot. Putting a sleeping newborn baby into a prop bucket whilst keeping them safe, warm and comfortable, keeping the parents calm and making sure all of the technical aspects of a studio photo shoot go smoothly, as well as spending hours editing every image means no small task, it’s also no cheap task and I personally feel a little uncomfortable/under pressure charging upwards of £300 for a studio photo shoot that may not reach the standards that I have of myself, or that parent expect from such an expensive photo shoot. 

So here is where my much loved natural, relaxed element of photography and capturing new families meet! I have created the Natural Newborn photo shoot which involves candid photographs of your brand new baby interacting with you and their siblings (if they have any) in your own home environment. There’s no need to leave the house (which is a blessing if Mum is still a bit tender from labour) You don’t have to look for outfits or spend hours watching a stranger get your baby to nod off into an uninterruptible sleep so they can dress them up as a flower or a bunny (which is cute, but…) All you need to do is hold and love your baby. If you have other children there is no pressure for them to be in the photographs, no forcing them to smile or awkwardly hold their new brother or sister. You can just let them come in and out of the frame in their own natural time. Just lots of natural photographs, with natural light in your natural environment.

I’ll spend approximately an hour with you in your home, and the results will look a little something like this…..

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Natural Newborn